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Visit our booth at these conventions, events and seminars!

Oct. 4-5 Missouri Optometric Association
Oct. 5-6 Iowa Hawkeye Institute
Oct. 6-7 Michigan Optometric Association
Oct. 12-13 East-West Eye Conference (OH)
Oct. 19-20 Harbor Optics University (MI)


Feb. 2-3 Minnesota Optometric Association
Feb. 16-18 Heart of America Contact Lens (MO)
Mar. 24 Cherry Optical What's New University (WI)
Mar. 31- Apr. 1 Iowa Optometric Association
Apr. 14 Cherry Optical Your Eyes University (MI)
Apr. 21 Indiana Optometric Association
Apr. 25-26 Wisconsin Optometric Association
Sept. 28-19 Illinois Optometric Association ITASCA
Oct. 4-7 East-West Eye Conference (OH)
Oct. 25-16 Iowa Hawkeye Institute

World Class Service & Support!

We have testimonials from 18 different states and 96 different doctors, proving we are here for YOU! Here are a few things doctors say about GOAL Software!

-- "It is simple to use and simple to teach to new employees."
-Dr. Anthony DeFazio, O.D, DuBois, PA

-- "Going from one screen to another is simple - like appointment to patient account or any other screen needed."
-Dr. Richard Jacobson, O.D., Fort Dodge, IA

--"They will talk the staff through any problem.  We've never had to wait long."
-Dr. Eric Hussey, Optometry Offices, PS, Spokane, WA