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GOAL Eyecare Software is designed with pride for Macintosh computers. GOAL integrates with a number of hardware products and software programs, and Apple Computer provides several pre-loaded programs that perform various functions in your office.

Goal Has an automatic backup feature that can work with any removeable media, such as a USB Backup Drive, Zip Disk, or External Hard Drive.
Pre-loaded from Apple on all new computers, is the Photo Booth software and iSight camera - so your patients can compare themselves in a variety of frames!
With GOAL's Export function, you can create customized lists and data files for mail merging and writing personalized letters to targeted patients and customers.
GOAL Eyecare Software integrates with a number of label writers, or allows direct printing on different types of sheet labels.
Also free from Apple (on new computers) is Quicken 2006 Accounting Software, for writing checks and balancing registers, loans, and more.
With GOAL's printing options, you can print any report to PDF and encrypt, e-mail, fax, even to people using a PC or other computer anywhere!