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Dennis Aude (17 years)
Office Administrator
Online Claims Specialist
Dennis is a life-long resident of Wisconsin and has worked in the eye care industry since 1994. Prior to that, he was at student at UW-Green Bay where he completed a BS Degree in Mathematics.

Dennis was brought up in the restaurant business as his family owned and operated a number of ballrooms and supper clubs. This led to an early entry into the bartending profession and then on to many positions involving customer service. He feels that the most important and enjoyable part of his career is the relationships that he’s developed with our clients.

Dennis and his wife Margaret have been married for 15 years and have one daughter in Middle School. Dennis is a member of the Third Source Funding Committee at his daughter's school. He enjoys reading and spending time with his family in his spare time.

As part of your GOAL Team, Dennis Aude provides you with online claims support, assists with orders and technical support on the phone.