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Kip Williams (28 years)

Kip has been a part of the eyecare industry since 1975, and has been a part of Goal Eyecare Software since February, 1982. He is a champion of small business, as well as an avid hunter and fisherman. He is also a father of three and has four beautiful granddaughters and two handsome grandsons.

With a family deeply involved in the eyecare industry, his father Tex Williams beginning at Wisconsin Optical Service in 1962 and currently working as part owner of Global Optics, Inc., one can say that Kip was born in the industry. Kip began working at Global Optics and Wisconsin Optical Service. Upon the invention of the Apple II, he was involved, along with several Wisconsin optometrists, in the development and implementation of computer systems into optometric practices. A believer in technology enhancing care for patients, he stuck with GOAL software, until he bought the software and became independent from Global Optics, Inc. on May 1, 1999.

Now Goal Eyecare Software can be found in 29 states and in over 400 offices. Recently, GOAL was installed in the Grand Cayman Islands. The software consists of eight modules and development is in progress for the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Module.

As part of your GOAL Team, Kip is in charge of sales, sets up systems, provides on site training, appears at most conventions, and manages overall operations of GOAL.


*Kip is often on the road, and can't always respond to your emails right away - he encourages current and new users to call his cell phone, any time day or night!